On Thursday I leave for what inarguably will be my most exciting trip this year: Miami. Never been in all of my 41 years. With my best girlfriend. For 3 full nights. Sans kids.

And while poking around the web for fun restaurants, bars and beaches, my BFF stumbled upon the Girl’s Guide to South Beach Nightlife, apparently written for South Beach Magazine. It refers to “…a nightlife guide designed especially for you ladies wishing to further your amorous adventures…” Ok, not so much for me and my pal; two ladies of the recently turned 40 age, with a husband and kids at home.

It also starts with, “Face it girls, most nightlife guides are written by, and for, the boys.” So I decided what we need is a nightlife guide written by, and for, the young 40 somethings.

Do we want to go to these same places where boys are on the prowl and girls are looking to hook up? Not so much. Do we want original, local food prepared by reputable chefs? Yes. Do we want drinks that are not watered down nor chock full of sugar? Yes. Do we want the views, the lounges, the rooftop decks? For the most part. We’re also not afraid of a good dive bar flavored with a lively, local crowd. And we’re going to find all of these places and affairs and I’m going to report it back for you.

I will counter the Girls Guide offer to, “… mix, mingle and not to be single!” with my own catchy rhyme after our trip. Stay tuned…