Sondra Hall, Director, “Take My Word For It!”

Tessa is a dedicated and warm teacher who takes care to establish one-on-one relationships with her students in our creative writing classes. She is diligent, organized and a committed person who brings 100% of herself to her projects. I highly recommend her!

Jeanne Williamson, Owner and Creative Director at Evermine.com

Tessa wrote blog posts for us about various events and activities as an at-home mom. Her writing was perfectly suited for our audience; and tone, spelling and grammar were perfect. Tessa was always willing to make edits to make the text fit the space and make it appropriate to the subject.

Judy Keosaksith, Senior Designer at Yahoo!

It was a complete joy to work with Tessa at Yahoo! When the company was still building up their shopping site, we collaborated in the design and requirements of several verticals, (gifts & flower, home & garden, seasonal gift center) and various promotional merchandising pages. Tessa always provided clear and comprehensive creative briefs, and is a great communicator and a listener. She is smart, hardworking and always calm and collected. I would not hesitate to work with her again.

Kavita Mehta, CEO & Co-Founder at The Red Pen

It was a pleasure to work with Tessa at Yahoo!. As a product manager, she did a great job of presenting the consumer perspective as we tried to integrate commercial activities into the Yahoo! Shopping site. She was steadfast in her thoughts but flexible and willing to accommodate when it made sense. She also managed the more artistic side of the user experience very well. I enjoyed our years of working together on the flowers and gifts category of Y! Shopping.

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