Mission Chinese

We hit up Mission Chinese, or Lung Shan restaurant, last Friday. Tons has been written up about this place so I’ll be brief. It’s a hole in the wall between 18th and 19th on Mission, sign says Lung Shan. Walk-ins only. We waited for 30 minutes around 6pm on Friday. Some two-tops were seated with another two at a four-top. Super cozy… I wasn’t crazy about sharing a table (I’m not a great sharer and don’t really want to hear another conversation nor the chewing). Luckily, we ended up with our own table against the wall.

WuTang Clan was playing through most of the meal. The phone didn’t stop ringing (deliveries) and the car parked out front rang its alarm throughout the meal. Just so you know what you’re getting into, it’s a lively spot. Not for quiet conversations. Perfect for hunkering down and eating spicy food, washing it down with a Tsing tao. Service was great, everyone smiling, very attentive. Here’s what we had:

Tiger Salad – a fat mix of herbs and lettuces, like fresh egg rolls bulging at the seams with greens.
Cold Dan Dan Noodles – double yum, like its name. The noodles are thin like ramen noodles. I think there were four rolls, almost too much for the two of us.
Chicken wings – unbelievable chili taste – it tingles in your mouth, not so much blazing hot as it is…well tingly.
Salt Cod Fried Rice – the cod was salted perfectly, and the rice was delish
Kung Pao Pastrami – super hot, I didn’t eat too much but the flavors were good before I burned my tongue. The pastrami is fatty.

Highly recommend.

Giants mural around the corner from Mission Chinese.
Giants mural

Mission Chinese – at Lung Shan Restaurant, 2234 Mission Street, San Francisco

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